Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

Maureen Akpoghor (Mrs.)

She is the Chairman, Board of Directors. She is a retired Federal Civil Servant under the Ministry of Transport. She has also attended several Banking courses including the microfinance bank certification program.

Barrister Richard Kpedi

He is a Legal Practitioner with over 30 years experience in the Bar, He was the pioneer Chairman board of Directors of Wetland Microfinance Bank. He is a co-founder of the Bank and has also attended several courses, seminars and conferences on Banking and Micro financing including the MCB

Mr. Michael Okubotimibi

He is a retired police officer and now he is into private business and he is married with children. He has also attended some workshops on Banking and microfinance.

Mr. Matthew Agbolor

He is a business man he has attended some Banking courses and he is also married with children.